Minimalism in Music: James Blake

Recently, I joined a community centered on minimalism. While I don’t consider myself a minimalist, I’ve been raised with the mentality that materialism really isn’t necessary. You really don’t need that extra stuff. Stuff is exactly that and you can’t take it with you when the time comes to leave this place. I got to thinking (a dangerous hobby of mine) and I started to think about the minimalist mentality and music. Do the two mix? If so, where and how? I haven’t seen any outspoken minimalist artists, but in a way it wouldn’t be fitting for a minimalist to be so outspoken about their choices. While they may not be minimalistic themselves they perfectly convey their artistry and openness with only what they need or with what they have at their disposal. After all, sometimes what’s considered “bare bones” often has a lot to say.


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