No Name No. #1 (First Pieces. Summer ’17)

This year is really moving by faster than I can anticipate. I feel like I say this every year. I digress, a lot of my summer was mostly staying indoors trying to beat the heat and horrendous air quality. It’s kind of hard to enjoy life when you can’t breathe. I’ve been around the moon and back within the span of 10 months (let alone a year). It’s a bit complicated so I’ll give you the simple bits. In October of last year my parents decided to pursue the open road and move my sisters and I into an RV full-time. We started in my grandma’s back yard to Morro Bay (quite earlier than expected) and back to Fresno to Shaver Lake and….now we’re back in Fresno again. Yeah, despite our attempts to get out…here we are again in the spot we tried to leave. It’s crazy to think this all happened in such a sort span. Not to mention the many connections I missed out on and the friendships/relationships that had to come to an end. In a way I didn’t take advantage of what was in front of me at times. I’ve spent my summer thinking about this quarrel. I’ve pushed myself from communities I used to be so active on. I’ve just shut down emotionally for various reasons and it’s been rough trying to write when I don’t have the emotion to work with. With that being said, last night (8/10/18) I received an email from the Fresno Library:


Awhile back, you submitted a book review to our blog. In return, we’re giving you a new book to read, enjoy, and perhaps even review at some future date…”

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The Beths – Future Me Hates Me (Review)

As summer comes to end I can’t help but wonder if I could have done more. I didn’t really do much besides failed attempts at drafts and distance myself from certain areas of my life and (unsurprisingly to some) listen to music. Despite the many albums that caught my attention this summer none could have been more perfectly timed and entrancing as The Beths debut “Future Me Hates Me” An album that I’ve kept on repeat all day and an album that reminds me why I love Pop Music as a whole.

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Minimalism in Music: James Blake

Recently, I joined a community centered on minimalism. While I don’t consider myself a minimalist, I’ve been raised with the mentality that materialism really isn’t necessary. You really don’t need that extra stuff. Stuff is exactly that and you can’t take it with you when the time comes to leave this place. I got to thinking (a dangerous hobby of mine) and I started to think about the minimalist mentality and music. Do the two mix? If so, where and how? I haven’t seen any outspoken minimalist artists, but in a way it wouldn’t be fitting for a minimalist to be so outspoken about their choices. While they may not be minimalistic themselves they perfectly convey their artistry and openness with only what they need or with what they have at their disposal. After all, sometimes what’s considered “bare bones” often has a lot to say.


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